…About the horizon…

Year: 2017. Instrument: Flauta y Acordeón. Duration: 10’00’’ Premiered: Acc: Fl: Music Conservatory of Navarra (Spain). Score Score About the Horizon Audio

From deep in the air

Year: 2019. Instrument: String Quartet. Duration: 10’00’’ Premiered by: Mivos Quartet. Mivos Quartet. Music Conservatory of Valencia. (Spain).

Sun of Stone

Year: 2018. Instrument: Flauta y Voz. Duration: 8’00’’ Edited by: Diaphonia Edizione Musicale (Italia). The work takes as reference three small poems in the form of Haiku poems written by the poet Octavio Paz. These poems are about the light and the ruins of the Mayan cities. This piece of music tries in a poetic […]

Landscape I

Year: 2017. Instrument: Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violín y Violoncello. Duration: 10’00’’ Premiered: Plural Ensemble. Dir: Fabián Panisello. VII Festival Sound Meeting in Sevilla. (Spain). Others interpretations Plural Ensemble. Dir: Fabián Panisello. VII Jornadas Música Contemporánea Española. Sala Luis Galve. Auditorio Zaragoza. Score Score Landscape I Audio

Noche bajo el árbol caído

Year: 2019. Instrument: Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violín y Violoncello. Duration: 10’00’’ Premiered: Toy Ensemble. Póvoa De Varzim (Portugal). The idea on which this work is based is based on the construction of a sound landscape. This landscape has to do with the poetic idea of nightfall. The nightfall is that time between what […]

L’ Oriol

Year: 2015. Instruments: Saxofón Tenor Solista y Orquesta de Cuerda. Duration: 10’00’’ Premiered: Sax: Adelardo Zurdo. String Orchestra of Orihuela Dir: Sixto Fernández. Concert Hall La Lonja Alicante (Spain). Score Score L’Oriol Poster Poster L’ Oriol Audio Link Soundcloud

Sound Reflections

Year: 2016. Instrument: Acordeón Solo. Duration: 8’00’’ Premiered: Acc: Raúl Jiménez. Modelo´s Cinema in Zarautz (Basque Country). The sound game between the musical material of the right and left hand of the accordion are the starting point of this work. Simultaneous, opposite or parallel movements that develop throughout the work and that represent the reflections, […]

Universe of Fantasy

Universe of Fantasy (2019) Silent filmReleased on July 13, 2019Flute and Piano Score. Universe of Fantasy is a silent film and live music show that includes a selection of short films made by the Spanish filmmaker Segundo de Chomón.

Teo, Teo, What do you See?

Teo, Teo, What do you See? (2018) DocumentaryReleased on November 26, 2018Directed by Jesús Rocandio and Bernardo Sánchez Teo, Teo, what do you see? gives title to the documentary film about the life of La Rioja photographer Timoteo Martínez. It is “a first-person account of the life of Teo Martínez, Foto Teo, which is at […]