…About the horizon…
Year: 2017. Instrument: Flauta y Acordeón. Duration: 10’00’’ Premiered: Acc: Fl: Music Conservatory of Navarra (Spain). Score Score About the Horizon Audio
From deep in the air
Year: 2019. Instrument: String Quartet. Duration: 10’00’’ Premiered by: Mivos Quartet. Mivos Quartet. Music Conservatory of Valencia. (Spain).
Sun of Stone
Year: 2018. Instrument: Flauta y Voz. Duration: 8’00’’ Edited by: Diaphonia Edizione Musicale (Italia). The work takes as reference three small poems in the form of Haiku poems written by the poet Octavio Paz. These poems are about the light and the ruins of the Mayan cities. This piece of music tries in a poetic […]