Noche bajo el árbol caído

Year: 2019.
Instrument: Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violín y Violoncello.
Duration: 10’00’’
Premiered: Toy Ensemble. Póvoa De Varzim (Portugal).

The idea on which this work is based is based on the construction of a sound landscape. This landscape has to do with the poetic idea of nightfall. The nightfall is that time between what is day and what is night. We know that the change will occur, which is unavoidable. The process is slow, it seems that nothing has changed but it is changing. We as spectators can only wait for it to happen. In this work the treatment of color and timbre will acquire an important function. The sound elements will appear on the different instruments and are always treated timbrely. Also is important the idea of time, the way of measuring this, and the tiny changes that happen in the progression of the music. The low dynamics is a constant in the work because the idea of fragility.