Universe of Fantasy
Universe of Fantasy (2019) Silent filmReleased on July 13, 2019Spain Universe of Fantasy is a silent film and live music show that includes a selection of short films made by the Spanish filmmaker Segundo de Chomón. He was one of the pioneering directors of silent films. He works as director, lighting and photography technician, specialist […]
Teo, Teo, What do you See?
Teo, Teo, What do you See? (2018) DocumentaryReleased on November 26, 2018Directed by Jesús Rocandio and Bernardo Sánchez Teo, Teo, what do you see? gives title to the documentary film about the life of La Rioja photographer Timoteo Martínez. It is “a first-person account of the life of Teo Martínez which is at the same […]
Antigua´s Land
Antigua´s Land (2019) AdvertaisingReleased for Matizaudiovisual Spain
Valpiedra´s Land
Valpiedra´s Land (2019) AdvertaisingReleased for MatizaudiovisualSpain
Dark Resonance
Dark Resonance (2017) AdvertisingTrailer MusicReleased April 2017 for the Horror Hotel Score Competition (Ohio, Cleveland) EE.UU. 12 place. Video
Montepedroso´s Land
Montepedroso´s Land (2019) AdvertisingReleased for Matizaudiovisual.Spain
Ruman Citizen
Ruman Citizen (2017) Trailer MusicReleased July 2017 for the Indie Gathering Score Competition (Ohio, Cleveland) EE.UU. 4 place
The carretera Austral
The carretera Austral (2014) AdvertisingReleased from UnmillóndelefantesNature and Adventure A journey combining both car and ferry across the Carretera Austral de Chile and the island of Chiloe to explore one of the most stunning landscapes and of hardest access of the whole Chilean Patagonia. The Carretera Autral de Chile is considered the most spectacular road […]
Christmas Stories
Christmas Stories (2017) VideomappingReleased September 2017 by the company AoscurasMúsica y Fx Video mapping show about different Christmas stories and fables. Featured images
Festival time
Estamos de Fiesta (2017) VideomappingReleased September 2017 by the company Aoscuras Música y Fx Video Mapping show about the life and traditions in the Riojan town of Logroño. Featured images