Tristesse de printemps
Tristesse de Printemps is related with picture exposition by the photographer Jun Shiraoka Shiraoka (1944-2016) in New York. This piece takes some of the main elements from the work of Jun Shiraoka like colour, light and darkness.Category/InstrumentAccordion QuartetDuration 8’05Premiered 16/06/20VI Festival Barcelona Modern Ensemble, EspañaQuatour Aeolina Sample in Pdf Download the pdf Sample Audio
…On the horizon…
This work is the second of a cycle of pieces that I wrote between 2017 and 2019. In this cycle I pursue the same objetive: exploring the musical dimensions of landscapes. In this particularly work I carry out a process of transformation of sound material through timbre, dynamics and sound density. In this process, the […]
Deepness of air
The work is based on the idea of movement. This idea is treated through the use of different bow techniques (legato, jeté) and articulation tecniques (sforzando, stacatto) within a stable context created by long notes. The music material is transformed in a slow process who tries to direct the listener durig all the piece. The […]
Stone Sun
The work takes as a reference three small poems in Haiku form written by Octavio Paz in his work Stone of Sun (1957). The poem talks about the idea of “transfiguration” related with the the human being. This idea is transfer to sound through different ways of prodece a sound (normal sound, air sounds, timbral […]