…On the horizon…

This work is the second of a cycle of pieces that I wrote between 2017 and 2019. In this cycle I pursue the same objetive: exploring the musical dimensions of landscapes. In this particularly work I carry out a process of transformation of sound material through timbre, dynamics and sound density. In this process, the […]

Deepness of air

The work is based on the idea of movement. This idea is treated through the use of different bow techniques (legato, jeté) and articulation tecniques (sforzando, stacatto) within a stable context created by long notes. The music material is transformed in a slow process who tries to direct the listener durig all the piece. The […]

Stone Sun

The work takes as a reference three small poems in Haiku form written by Octavio Paz in his work Stone of Sun (1957). The poem talks about the idea of “transfiguration” related with the the human being. This idea is transfer to sound through different ways of prodece a sound (normal sound, air sounds, timbral […]

Landscape I

Landscape I for ensemble belongs to a cycle of pieces written between 2017 and 2019 that have the same purpose: To explore the musical dimension of the landscape. In this particular piece, I try to create a new instrumental color through the fusion of the different sounds of the ensemble’s instruments. This idea is carried […]

Night under the fallen tree

This work is the last of a cycle of pieces that I wrote between 2017 and 2019. In this cycle I pursue the same objetive: exploring the musical dimensions of landscapes. This particularly work is related with the poetic idea of nightfall. The nightfall is that time between what is day and what is night. […]

L’ Oriol

This piece is based on the idea of renewal and supernatural force. It takes the of Oriol or Oropendola. The composition follows the idea of a dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra, as well as between human beings and nature. Category/Instrument String orquestra andTen Sx. Duration 8’Premiered 26/04/2015“La Lonja” Concert Hall, SpainSax: Adelardo Zurdo. […]

Sound Reflections

The sound game between the musical material of the right and left hand of the accordion are the starting point of this work. Simultaneous, opposite or parallel movements that develop throughout the work and that represent the reflections, sound transformations through small timbral, harmonic and space variations. Category/Instrument Accordion Solo. Duration 8’Premiered 10/02/2017Modelo Cinema Theatre, […]

Teo, Teo, What do you See?

Teo, Teo, What do you See? (2018) DocumentaryReleased on November 26, 2018Directed by Jesús Rocandio and Bernardo Sánchez Teo, Teo, what do you see? gives title to the documentary film about the life of La Rioja photographer Timoteo Martínez. It is “a first-person account of the life of Teo Martínez which is at the same […]


The work Reposo I is part of the collective project OFFSTAGE made by eight Spanish composers based on the work Gravitación (1977) by the sculptor Eduardo Chillida. The work starts from the Aristotelian idea of repose, not as an absence of movement, but as a potential movement. The musical materials are articulated in movements and […]

Resonare I

The work Resonare I emphasizes the musical role of the piano as an instrument of Resonance. Articulated in two sections, the work begins with a small musical gesture that is progressively expanded throughout the entire work. Category/Instrument Piano solo Duration: 7’ Premiered 09/10/2015 Phonos Fundation, Spain Pno: Diego F. Magdaleno Pdf Sample Download a Pdf […]